You have to move people if you want to move them to donate.

People give from their hearts, not their heads. That having been said, research shows that the number one impediment to giving is not knowing exactly how the money will be spent. That's why transparency and accountability are so important and that's why I created this print piece for the L.A. development team of the Arthritis Foundation.

In this video project I wrote and produced for the Arthritis Foundation I demonstrated the need and the impact that juvenile arthritis camps have on the children who attend. (The heart) Viewers were also given a behind the scenes tour so they can see what their support pays for at the camp. (The head) This video was used as the center piece of a fundraising gala and helped increase donations 38% the first year and over 100% the second year it was used. (Click on picture to the right to view)

We have helped several nonprofits raise funds for the programs they provide. This project was done for the Salvation Army's Overseas Children's Sponsorship Program. If you click on the link to the left you will see a low res version of the broadcast spot we wrote and edited for them.They provided the footage for this campaign that included a direct mail piece we produced for them. We handled media placement of the broadcast spot and this combined with the direct mail piece resulted in a 100% increase in their contributions that year.


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