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I include branding in the description of the services performed for the City of Huntington Beach because I worked on several projects for them in support of their Surf City brand.  The City is very aware of the value of their brand but unlike some cities they actually invest in that brand and spend time cultivating and preserving their brand. If you read the content I posted on branding, you’ll realize why branding is especially important for tourism.  Places, like brands evoke memories, thoughts and emotions that are powerful and important.

Huntington Beach is a safe, clean place for enjoying the Southern California beach lifestyle.  It has miles of beaches and good surf that attracts many surfers every day.  The climate is about as perfect as you will find in California.  It is the quintessential beach town and embodies the laid back California lifestyle. It is no wonder that so many organizers of events, events such as the U.S. Open of Surfing and the AVP Pro Volley Ball competition choose this City for their events.

Dynamic Digital was asked to help communicate the essence of their brand to prospective tourists or visitors and businesses that might consider moving there.  Three major pieces were developed for them.  One was a visitor and tourism video that shows all the things that happen in Huntington Beach.  The client outlined 12 events they wanted to highlight in this project and we shot each one of them throughout the course of a year and edited into a program called, “More to Experience.”  The other piece was basically a music video of sorts that used an original score, written for the City in the style of beach or surf music popularized by bands like the beach boys.  That project chronicles a day in the life of the City and shows all aspects of life there, including visits to well-known businesses like Quicksilver and Boeing.  The third major piece was a feature length documentary on the history of the City which was used to commemorate the City’s 100th Anniversary in 2009. 



We placed that documentary on PBS in Orange County for them and gained the client 6,000,000 viewers.  It was originally to be used on the local cable channel and as an item that could be sent out on DVD.  Placing it on PBS was a major coup because it greatly expanded the reach of their message. Their, “More to Experience” project was also placed on PBS and there were 30 second spots developed for the programs as well as for individual events and promoting the City as a destination.
All supporting print packaging was also developed by Dynamic Digital.


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