Government Communications


The public sector is where Dan Griggs began his career. He's received awards from the California State Assembly, the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors, the Cities, Counties, Communications and Marketing Association, the Telly Awards and also received an L.A. area Emmy Award.




Experience in marketing educational institutions.

AND developing curriculum based media.



Return on Investment

We'll ensure your project delivers the results you need.




It makes a real difference having a video production firm like Dynamic Digital that understands how a project fits into an overall strategy. You'll get solutions that work, not just another project to put on the shelf.



Video is sticky, not like that spill in the break room, more like keeping people on your website longer and that means more shares and conversions.


The right image tells your story with more impact and leaves a lasting impression.

Trust Dynamic Digital Pictures to give you the visuals that will move people and persuade them. We can help you accomplish more.


Communicate your message with the power of video. Produce once - distribute everywhere.

Years ago, clients told us their concern with video was that it wasn't evergreen or easy to change. We listened and developed a modular approach to video communications that allows for easy updating and modifying of their content. We were among the first companies to embrace nonlinear editing and to provide web video as a value added. Other companies saw the web as their competitor, we saw it as another opportunity to deliver your message.


Price is what you pay. Value is what you get for what you pay.

Early in my career I had a client that belonged to such a big organization that they used several media production companies. One day I was talking with my client and he mentioned one of my competitors and said, "they have a big office in Century City" as if that were an indication of their value. My office was in Torrance at the time, a convenient drive of about 20 minutes for my client, vs. over an hour to go to Century City. A couple of months later when the competitor failed to fulfill their obligation to complete a project, my client told me he was going to use some of the work I had done for him to fill some of the holes the other company had left in his project. LESSON - Don't be impressed by how a vendor appears, be impressed by what they do for you.


"We all enjoyed working with Dan and his crew. On this particular project, I wrote the script but Dan's creative input was extremely helpful. I highly recommend Dynamic Digital Pictures." -Omnitrans

"I found Dan to possess a solid blend of leadership skills." -ICTN

"The combination of Mr. Griggs' personality, work ethic and skill in communications and marketing would be of great value to any organization." -El Camino College

"Mr. Griggs is able to quickly grasp the essence of what we want to accomplish and develop a detailed plan as to how it can be done." -City of Huntington Beach

"I hope other organizations have the opportunity to use your services so they too can benefit from your talent, dedication and good work ethic." -L.A. Housing Dept.

Did You


Dynamic Digital helped a client get their new product into WalMart!

Our nationally distributed educational program for kids about careers is in over 400 schools and libraries.

Did you know we gained 6 million viewers for a client?


About Dan Griggs

Who is this guy and why do we keep hearing about him?

Dan started this company.

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Social Media

How about that there social media?

My prediction came true (yeah, another one) that the nature of online communications enables all communication to be "social." It's not a new medium, it's just that communications and media are now easier to share.


Isn't that for the big guys with deep pockets?

Not at all.

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What's all this going to cost?

Good question. Let's talk about that .

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Educational Site

I Can Be

A video program and website offering inspiration to kids interested in learning about careers. The pilot focuses on veterinarians and working with animals.

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Creativity Matters

That's my slogan

Please do wear it out.

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